Cheers! Wine Consultants

Summer Days: Time to focus on the fun

By Dan & Krista Stockman


While the winter days seem to drag on, summer days go by in a flash.

As parents of young children, August, to us, means going back to school. That means fall is coming, which means winter is coming. And if we think like that, before we know it, it's true.

The reality is, there are still many good weeks of summer days. There are plenty of warm evenings to sit out on the porch with a glass of wine. There are still many opportunities to enjoy summer wine.

Earlier this summer, we decided to try out some new offerings from Oliver Winery, the Bloomington-based winery best known for its Soft Red, Soft White and Soft Rose trio. The winery makes much more than the Soft trio, of course. And every year it seems they are coming out with new offerings.

As we prepared for a dinner with neighbors, we decided to bring out Oliver's Orchard Stand honey wines, selecting the peach, strawberry and black cherry varietals.

Dry wine drinkers will likely find these too sweet for their taste, but for those who prefer wines at the sweeter end of the spectrum, these wines make for a fun summer sipper. They're the kind of wines you can keep on hand, chilling in the refrigerator, just waiting for friends and family to stop by. They're the kind of wines you can pop open with a snack of light fruit or crackers or bread for an afternoon siesta. They're the kind of wines you can bring to a neighborhood dinner and enjoy as an aperitif when you want to focus more on the company you are with than the wine in your glass.

Summer is meant to be fun, and so is wine. While we enjoy pondering the nuances of a big, hearty wine, we also appreciate when wine is just plain fun – like a summer day.