Cheers! Wine Consultants

The (column) Cellar

Looking for an older column? Want to mine the cellar for something you might have missed? You've come to the right place: Every Cheers! column we've written since Jan. 1, 2011, will (eventually) be right here:

02.20.21 Coelho Winery shows us the magic of Oregon

12.26.20 Wildfire hits Napa Valley, some lose entire vintage

11.28.20 2020: A year of disappointments delivers again

10.03.20 Uncorking 20 years of love and memories

09.26.20 Wineries forced to adapt to survive pandemic

07.04.20  Decisions, decisions: More choices than ever

05.30.20 Pop the top on a can full of summer fun

04.25.20 Wine brings us together - even when it's virtual

01.25.20 When choosing a wine, aim for an adventure

01.04.20 A new year and a new wine adventure awaits

02.24.19 Any night can be your own wine holiday

02.25.17 Every night should be Open That Bottle Night

12.10.16 This year's Nouveau proves wine is an adventure

08.06.16 Summer days: Time to focus on the fun

04.02.16 Oliver pops into bubbly market with Soft pair

02.13.16 Open That Bottle Night is about friends, not wine

01.18.16  A well-trained staff is something to toast to

12.12.15 Fun, fruity Nouveau is perfect for the holidays

11.17.15  Let Nouveau remind you we are all connected

10.10.15 A new addition to an exclusive must-visit list

09.05.15 We went north for wine, and discovered cider

06.06.15 Wine is a matter of your tastes, not some critic's

03.14.15 This year, we opened a bottle of French memories

02.14.15 Whatever the reason, you should Open That Bottle

01.24.15  Another crop of Nouveaus goes in the books

11.15.14   Thursday is the day we've waited for all year long

10.11.14   Be choosy when choosing a wine to age

10.04.14  Most wine is already aged for you at the winery

07.12.14  Slowing down to enjoy wine is always worth it